Saturday, April 6, 2013


Marc and I have birthdays two days apart, Marc's is 4/3 mine is 4/5 it makes it interesting. We are learning and trying to learn how to celebrate both. Last year and this year we opted for the 4/4 celebration and split the difference, it seems to work out so far. Neither one of us are huge into birthdays, we like to go out to eat or something along that line but by no means expect the world to stop and celebrate with us. It works out well. It didn't help that Marc's birthday fell on a Wednesday (crazy crazy busy for me) and mine on a Friday when we had house guests - we actually are really enjoying having birthdays near one another. Although it would be fun to have a reason to celebrate in another month - maybe we'll start celebrating our half birthday's too just because we can. We did grill this yummy deliciousness last night which was delightful!

How do you celebrate your birthday?
Should your birthday be considered a national holiday?

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