Sunday, April 28, 2013

Running Misc.

The treadmill and I are not friends any more. We have spent too many wintery days bonding - who knew April would still be winter. I can't talk myself into more than about three miles or so on the treadmill before I seriously go nuts. I hate it. I am ready for spring and snow free and ice free days. I have been putting in lots of time on the elliptical and lots of miles in the pool. I am not trained very well for Fargo. It frustrates me. BLAH. However I still have a few weeks - so I am going to do what I can and call it good.

I have begun to revamp my running playlist again, it is time again
Current Running Playlist:
Touch the Sky -  Brave Soundtrack
Learn Me Right - Brave Soundtrack
When Will My Life Begin - Tangled Soundtrack
We built this city on rock and roll - Starship
God is great beer is good, people are crazy
Princess and the Frog
Come on Eileen
Brown Eyed Girl

What's on your playlist? I need some more songs to add.
What races are you training for at the moment?
What race are you most excited for that you are currently registered for? (mine is the Wine and Dine Half Marathon)


  1. I LOVE your playlist!! I'm know you'll do great with the race, no matter what! :0) My next big race is Dumbo Double Dare! Super excited!!

    1. Hahaha thank you. It isn't quite finished as it isn't even close to long enough yet, but it is getting there. Playlists are such a slow process for me.