Sunday, April 14, 2013


I LOVE being outside, my goal for this spring (if it ever comes), summer, and fall is to ride my bike as much as I possibly can and to avoid driving as much as I can. I know I am limited: I can't haul Dakota on my bike and I can't get to the west side of town easily or with any form of time efficiency on my bike. But I can get to work, to the grocery store (if I don't need to pick up a ton), to many of the meetings I attend, to the hospital, to the gym, and to the coffee shop. So here's to you good ol' Trek mountain bike (circa seventh or eight grade of course) - you and I will be making good friends this spring, summer, and fall.

True Story: I am starting to look at replacing my bike to get something that would allow me to keep up with Marc, he has a road bike and rides way more miles than I do but my bike is old and a mountain bike, not necessarily built for long bike rides, so we'll see. I will keep you all posted - I am waiting to go try bikes at a local bike shop before I commit to buying a bike because I am a taller female I am either at the top of one size of bike or at the bottom of another size bike, and both would work, but I need to decide what feels best and riding the ten feet across the store just wasn't cutting it.

Totally unrelated side note: I have found an entertainment center that I like (I feel like I have looked at about 12,000 of them, literally, not certain why this was such a hard decision for me but apparently it really was) and I ordered it. I have been saving for an entertainment center for a long time (almost a couple years) and I finally found one and ordered it - now to play the waiting game of testing my patience for it to come because I wasn't willing to pay for it to be speedily ordered and delivered and blah blah blah


  1. I'm jealous you can ride your bike to work! That's awesome!! Yay for a new entertainment center! So exciting!

    1. As soon as this foot of snow is gone I am totally biking to work daily. The ice & snow detours me at the moment. Spring/Summer has to be coming at some point!