Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Showered - overly blessed

This past weekend I traveled back home and was spoiled by not one but two different bridal showers. Seriously. It was crazy. It was tons of people who I haven't seen in a while (soooooo good to see everyone) and to have the chance to catch up a bit. I wish I had more time to catch up with people, but it just wasn't possible in that short of a time. It was fun to be back in SD for sure. I wish I got back there more often - a piece of me wonders if some day we won't end up back in SD, although who knows what will happen. Currently I am still loving northern Minnesota other than the distance from my family.

I LOVE these girls - we have grown up together - they are wonderful

  • Hanging out with my Hartj
  • taking Dakota to the dog park (even though it was ridiculously snowy)- Brainerd seriously needs one of these
  • spending time in South Dakota
  • seeing family & friends
    • I seriously have the world's best friends and family
    • I got to meet two of my new baby cousins that I haven't met before (they are ridiculously cute) and they have mastered the skill of snuggling 
  • sooooo many new things 
    •  now it's time to go through the old and get rid of what I can and donate what I can
  • I now get to send all sorts of thank yous
    • I LOVE writting letters and sending snail mail
  • hanging out with my parents
Everyone loves to snuggle the new babies
Anna & Jack

  • I don't like knowing that my family is so far away
  • My drive on the way down was AWFUL due to the super craptastic weather & took me 3.5 hours longer than normal 
  • The weather was less than desirable - who knew in mid April I would have issues with traveling due to weather. This is ridiculous. Spring please come.
  • The trip was a whirlwind
  • I wish I could have spent a week there
  • I didn't get to see quite everyone that I wanted to


  1. So glad you had a great weekend and an even better shower!! Getting closer and closer! :0)

    1. Yes, it is we are under the 2 month mark now! Whoop Whoop!