Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Photo Dump

As I make an April photo dumb I can hardly believe that this all happened in April, Easter seems like an eternity ago and I know it technically was in March but the last day so you get an Easter picture anyways. April has FLOWN by to say the least! I can't hardly believe May begins tomorrow. Tomorrow I can officially say I am getting married next month - crazy town!

Easter with my family
Love them all!
My colleague and I made a video for Synod Assembly -
we think we are funny & made a Batman parody
Seriously love, Love, LOVE getting mail - especially when
it means people are coming to visit me
RSVPs for our wedding coming back
While the snow is super pretty and if this was November I'd be loving it
however I am 100% over these April storms
At a bridal shower back home they made a "flat Marc"
and I think it is hilarious and so I had to have a picture of both of them
note the extreme height of flat Marc compared to real Marc
Dakota - because what's a photo dump without at least one picture of her
Sweet Linnea and Gustav - she is learning how to share the balls with the puppies
I think I am going to attempt to do a monthly photo dumb on the last day of every month. Crazy to realize this all happened in this last month.

What was your highlight of April?
Has spring finally come where you are at?


  1. LOVE your photo dump. Where did they make the real-life flat marc? i could've used that while teaching flat stanley to my 2nd graders!
    emma @ amomrunsthistown.com

    1. I think they just traced someone out of cardboard and then they took a picture of Marc, cropped off his head and made it big enough to fit on a full sheet of printer paper and printed it in color.

      I still have flat Marc because I think it is so funny.

      I LOVED flat Stanley when I was a kid!

  2. Love your photo dump! It's a great way to highlight the month!

    1. It is crazy to see what went on in a month!

  3. our dogs could be twins! cute picture!