Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Run

I did it, I got back out, I went for the run I have been waiting for, I am not certain how far I went or how long I was out exactly, however - I went. I didn't take my watch and it was liberating for my first run. Dakota and I went out and there were places in which it felt like we were barely going above a walk pace due to the ice, snow, and lakes puddles that are beginning to form in the middle of the streets.

I do love to run with my garmin forerunner- I love knowing exactly how far I have gone and at what pace - however - this first run was glorious to feel no pressure - to not worry about time - I knew I had nothing holding me back and I had all the time in the world - okay not all the time in the world, but I had more time than I knew my legs would carry me. It was GLORIOUS. It feels good to be able to taste spring and know that soon every day I will be able to spend time outside. LOVE IT!

Ahhhh welcome back spring - I can feel you coming on the horizon.
Dakota rejoices with me that we are able to get back outside and are able to do some serious running!

Side note: I bought a pair of yurbuds at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon expo and I wasn't convinced that they would be amazing - earbuds always irritate my ears and annoy me because they always seem to be falling out or hurting by the end of a couple of miles - so the lady talked me into buying them and said if after the race I didn't like them they would take them back no questions asked - I ran with them at the Tinkerbell Half and have run on the treadmill with them a ton and they are AMAZING - seriously worth the cost - they don't fall out (or haven't ever fallen out yet) and they don't hurt my ears!!!! SOOOOO AWESOME

What kind of headphones do you like to run/workout in?


  1. Yay! So glad you had a good run back! I love yurbuds too!

  2. I went for my first non-race run of the year (can you believe it?) yesterday -- somehow the combination of the morning darkness and the cold have resigned me to the treadmill all winter. (And I hate the treadmll!). I also love running without being able to see my watch -- just to see how I feel when I'm out there. Of course, I'm geeky enough to want to see how far I've gone after! Happy Springtime!