Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Beautiful Mess

Happy Easter to everyone!!!

The beginning of this week I worked my tail off to clean my house, to wash the sheets on all the beds, to make sure all (7) of my towels are clean, I wiped down every surface, I cleaned up dog hair from every corner of my house (it gets everywhere and I love Dakota enough that it really doesn't bother me in the least), I cleaned the counter tops, and hid things in closets, my house was spotless as clean as it is every going to get. It was glorious and for about two hours I loved it. I relished in my clean house, a clean house brings me joy. (Seriously, I LOVE IT) And then family started to arrive.

My mom brought delightful baked goods, and bags of her stuff, my brother and girlfriend have their stuff strewn around my house, my father packs like he will be gone for six months when it is really only a few nights and his stuff is everywhere. My tiny bathroom has toothbrushes and hair brushes and other people's personal stuff everywhere. My couch has four blankets thrown about and not folded nicely on the quilt rack. My backdoor is over run with shoes (a small piece of heaven for Dakota - she would move every shoe around the house if we let her) that look like they could put shoes on everyone in a small country. My car is blocked in by three cars in my driveway and coats hang on the back of every chair in the kitchen. I am thankful for the hot water heater that tries so very hard to keep up with us all when we need to shower (note if you go last at my house the chances are high that you are getting a cold shower) I am blessed. I love it.

I can't imagine holidays any other way. We have played games, told stories, stayed up late, my brother and I have gone for a run together, and we have enjoyed our time together. It has been glorious. I am thankful for the mess in my house, I am thankful for the overfull garbage can and the stacks of dishes that need to be done and the piles of sheets and towels that will need to be washed when they leave. I am thankful for the footprints that will need to be scrubbed off the floor and the blankets that need to be folded. I am thankful for my family who is willing to drive up to spend Easter with me.

Did you get to celebrate Easter with your family?
Do you guys all pack into one place?
What does your family like to do when you gather together?

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