Friday, March 22, 2013


Meet Nala - my brother's dog
Dear Nala- 
   Welcome back to my house, you have spent a ton of time with Dakota and I over the years and I am to the point that I tolerate you. Sometimes you just annoy me, you are so stinkin high maintenance. Seriously, you have in your head what you want to do and until you get your way you throw a fit. This second picture is a perfect example:
Nala - under the covers in my bed
Last night you kept whining and whining and whining and whining all while I was attempting to catch some much needed sleep. You consistently whined for two and a half hours, I couldn't take it any more and finally let you up in my bed after kicking you out what was at least 2 hours. I finally let you stay on the bed and you then threw a fit until I would let you under the covers, then you curled up and passed out like nothing had happened. Seriously! YOU ARE A DOG, Dakota is happily sleeping in her crate totally oblivious to the fact that dogs can and do sleep anywhere other than crates. You annoy me when you sleep with me, you feel the need to sleep under the covers with your head on a pillow. Your legs are ridiculously long and move from time to time in your sleep and you scratch at my back or whatever part of my body is closest to me. 

Nala & Dakota
I can't only post pictures of my brother's dog
I must confess that there are nice aspects to having you around, you and Dakota do play nice (sometimes - sometimes you like to do whatever you can to irritate Dakota and she sits and barks at you for minutes on end until I make you stop doing whatever you are intentionally doing to irritate her). You and Dakota run around the yard until you can't handle the cold any more and then you come inside and run all over the house, sometimes I think you two are playing some type of hide and go seek game because you will take turns running somewhere and stopping and then the other one of you comes and pounces on whoever has stopped moving.

The other game that you two like to play that annoys me is you both open your mouths wide and make these strange noises while you chase each other around and attempt to pounce on each other's heads. It is strange and noisy and you run like fools while you showing each other your teeth.

Sometimes you do have super sweet moments, those moments when Dakota is laying on one side of me and you lay down on the other side of me and I can sit for a couple hours reading my book and the two of you will just sleep and snuggle me. It is glorious.

You hate walking outside right now because you have such a thin coat. Every time I start to get the leashes out you freak out and don't want to go for a walk (I don't keep you out that long that you freeze - it is only a short walk) and if you don't get a walk you are cRaZy!

Please tone down the crazy. Enjoy your stay at my house, and come Easter I will be more than ready to send you back to school with your dad (my brother).



  1. Oh no! Hope she curbs some of that energy soon! Your baby and "adopted" baby are adorable!

  2. Doesn't it just make you laugh (or want to cry) about how different dogs' personalities can be?? Never a dull moment!