Thursday, January 10, 2013

Race day around the corner

I am over the top excited to run Tinkerbell, seriously, I can't wait. I can hardly believe it is this month and I get to run my first leg of the coast to coast challenge. (I honestly don't think I ever thought I would complete this.) I am SUPER EXCITED. OVER THE TOP. I am already beginning to test out different outfits to decide which one I want to run in (I am a firm believer in the never run a race in an outfit you haven't run in before.) I got a sweet new blue long sleeve that I think is going to win for the top, we'll see. I'll keep you posted, I know you all are on edge wondering what will win (weather is clearly the complicating factor). 

I am having  a hard time getting my runs in due to weather outside and people's renewed commitment to fitness and their desire to also be in the cardio room at the ymca. They have a semi-strict policy on how one person should not be on any given machine for more than 30 minutes to make things fair, and blah blah blah. I am finding that I am having to go run at odd hours when normal people aren't at the gym. Which is okay too I suppose, however I am realizing that evening runs are not my favorite, I am then too wired to go to sleep, I am getting lots done however since I am not sleeping.

Anyone else training for a winter race while not living in amazing weather to run outside?
What shoes to do you like to run outside in during the winter months?


  1. I agree with the shoe comment! I think I need a winter pair. The almost falling all the time is not fun!

  2. Hi! I'm visiting for the first time and so glad I did! I am training for my first half marathon and found out that I have to train at odd hours too, in order to meet all my other responsibilities.

    Angie @ In Bloom