Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Months

No, I am not moving (THANK GOD), however my fiance, Marc, will be moving into my house after we get married in June. For some reason this has been on my mind lately and I am beginning to realize that I should probably think seriously about where his stuff will be going and make sure I make room to make the house his as well. There is a piece of me that wishes we were selling my place and moving into somewhere together (or I was moving from another house into my house - I do enjoy my place and don't want anything bigger) sot hat together we could figure out where stuff goes and what not. I however am jazzed beyond belief that I don't have to move.

The house is plenty big for the two of us, 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, let's hope we can figure out how to live together and how to share space. If we can't we are in a world of hurt. However, at the time that we get married and Marc moves in Dakota and I will have been living there for two full years. Yes, I will have lived at the same address for two full years, I haven't done that since I was in high school 10.5 years ago. I am realizing probably the obvious:

  • Marc will need to put his clothes somewhere 
    • I will need to take my camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, water purifier, and all my other glorious camping gear) and skiing gear (skis, snowboard, boots, etc) out of my closet and make space for him. Seems lame but for some reason I am slow on the uptake and just realized these things
  • Marc has some kitchen stuff
    • while we registered for lots of kitchen stuff because we both have hand me down stuff and rummage sale stuff we need to purge some of both of our stuff and somewhere I need to makes space for his stuff logically - I do have several empty cupboards that we can put stuff in - but we need to think through the logic
  • the bathroom only has two towel hooks
    • yes, I use two towels - actually I rotate two towels throughout any given week between washing them - and Marc is probably definitely going to need somewhere to hang a towel or two after showering (I promote showering often - this comes from working with nonshowering junior high kids)
  • Some of my junk needs to either go to the attic space (strange space upstairs in my house) or I just need to get rid of it and stop holding onto stuff
    • I sort of miss the days when all of my stuff fit in my vehicle - however I don't yet feel like a hoarder by owning a bed,a couch, and a kitchen table - I just feel less like a minimalist 
  • the garage needs some loving
    • I have a two stall garage but one stall is currently occupied by two kayaks (one is his), three bikes (two are his), yard games, lawn furniture (for the winter), a grill, a dog crate (Dakota's travel crate), and a bunch of other miscellaneous items - we need to figure out how to best fit two cars in the garage 
I am certain all of this is obvious to you all reading it, however for some reason when this hit me like a ton of bricks this getting married stuff became more real. We won't have two places to live - Marc and I will live in the same place. I won't have my own place, I must learn to share again (it has been a while since I have had a roommate) and I am certain that I will do things that annoy the heck out of Marc and will need to come to some compromises. Transitions are strange, while I look forward to transitioning into married life there are also certain things that I think get overlooked in the business of it all and for those of us who didn't live together before marriage moving in is a crazy process. T-minus 5 months until we get married.

How do you feel about moving?
Any tips on how to get rid of stuff and downsize what you own?
Anything you hold on to that you keep thinking you should get rid of?
What is your favorite personal item you own?


  1. It seems crazy that it has been a year and three months since my husband and I combined everything into our 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom house. He was in a similar position you are. I moved into a house he had owned for 2+ years.

    1. The guest bedroom closet is my best friend for storing things like luggage (we have 2 complete sets and then some), wrapping paper and gift bags, my wedding dress, the vacumm cleaner and many other things. I have also gotten creative with some of the storage for things in there too.

    2. Kitchen- You don't need two or three of everything. We brought a couple empty rubbermaid tubs in with us as I moved in. As we started putting stuff away and found duplicates, we decided which we would keep. The other(s) went into the tub to be sold at a rummage sale or donated. If you do this before hand (1-2 months before) it is like pre-marital counseling.

    3. As for getting rid of stuff- I wait until I am ready. If I am not, then I start buying 2-3 things to replace it with. When you are ready to get rid of things it is so much easier. Until then, I think your "strange" space is perfect for these things.

    I am so excited for your next step! I know your time when you are in SD is precious with your family, but if you are looking for coffee in Sioux Falls I would love to have you stop by!

  2. I pretty much hate moving. We do it enough in seminary, so it's nice to finally settle.

    Tips on how to get rid of stuff: Don't have duplicates. Choose the ONE that will last longest (so long as it isn't ridiculously ugly). Also, if it's been in storage for more than a year and you haven't missed it, TOSS IT.

    I don't have anything I keep thinking I need to get rid of. I just cleaned out my closet yesterday and we're donating that stuff to Steele's "Helping Hands" group that gives aid to people around here who have experienced fire or something that makes them need clothes and stuff.

    I don't really have a favorite thing.