Monday, January 14, 2013

I remember....

I have been trying to formulate this post for several days now, I think I finally got one I am willing to post.

I remember 3 years ago (January 12, 2010) like it was yesterday
I remember the joy on the children's faces as we played at school that morning
I remember the exhaustion of traveling to arrive in Jacmel only hours before
I remember the excitement of spending a week in a new country
I remember questioning what was going on and why the earth was shaking as it was
I remember trying to run but not being able to find my footing and falling repeatedly
I remember the dust that covered us from head to toe
I remember the terror in the eyes of a parent as they knew their child was inside a collapsed building
I remember the joy of finding some of my friends still alive
I remember the pain of the bumps and bruises
I remember wishing I could do something other than stand by and watch
I remember the long walk to find safety
I remember finding out that our safe places were non existent
I remember watching people take their last breaths
I remember the joy of hearing of a refugee camp that was being set up by the United Nations
I remember the taste of the bananas delivered by a stranger
I remember the pain of hearing of the death of a friend
I remember the uncertainty of what was to come and what we would do
I remember the feeling of laying on the cold ground surrounded by friends who surrounded us as we slept
I remember the constant state of prayer we lived in
I remember the faithfulness of the Haitian people
I remember the love of God that was showered upon us
I remember the many different failed plans of what we were going to do next - how we were getting home
I remember our path home - the pain, the sickness, the uncertainty, the hope, the promises
I remember the guilt of leaving
I remember the ways in which I knew we were showered in prayer and love from home
I remember the "welcome home" from the custom's man as we entered the United States once again
I remember the physical ailments healing and the mental scars forming
I remember the love of a God who is always present and always working
I remember the call to work for justice and peace in the world

I continue to pray fervently for the coming of God's kingdom where all will be well
I continue to hope for justice for everyone
I continue to share the love that was poured out on me from my Haitian brothers and sisters
I continue to trust that God is moving and in control
I continue to remember our 10 days in Haiti
I continue to give thanks for God who brings life out of death
I continue to live in the grace of God
I continue to trust in the promises of God for all people
I continue to remember 3 years ago (January 12, 2010) like it was yesterday


  1. Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts on this. We love you and remember (though, differently) with you. Love ya.