Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I leave THIS WEEK Thursday for California! SOOOOO excited (as if you couldn't tell) anyways. I have begun the packing-pa-looza. This is sort of a complicated trip to pack for due to several factors:

  • I am running Tinkerbell Half Marathon
  • I am optimistic about the weather being super warm but concerned that I am not packing warm enough clothes, so I then in turn want to throw in a whole bunch of warm clothes
  • I am attending a conference for work after running Tinkerbell - this doesn't require work clothes but it does require more than sweats
  • It is ten days - I don't want to over-pack but under-packing sucks once you get there

It is always a challenge to pack, I always try to pack as simplistically as possible but when there is so much going on it is a challenge for sure. I am a believer of the roll your clothes method and put things in your shoes. 

I also have my backpack to pack as well. For me I will be carrying on my running shoes (everything else can technically be replaced if they have to but it is impossible to get a well worn pair of running shoes), my ipad, my phone, some yarn (I need something to do on the plane), my running watch, and a snack or two (I hate buying expensive airport food). I probably will throw some other stuff in my backpack, I just haven't gotten to that stage yet.

Anyone have any tips for packing light?
Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with packing?
What are your necessities in your carry on bag?

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  1. I don't terribly mind packing. I just got back from Jamaica, and I did the roll pack, too.

    Necessities for carry-on: prescription meds, a couple pairs of underroos, ibuprofen/tylenol/your analgesic of choice, camera (those airport luggage people are NOT gentle)...