Wednesday, January 16, 2013


While I am over the top jazzed to be heading out on vacation sometimes it seems almost like more work to go on vacation than it is worth, it never is more work than it is worth because I love vacation. In these days leading up to vacation I about go nuts. Seriously. It is such a slow process getting everything ready to go and getting people to fill in for me and making sure all my lesson plans are written and all that good jazz. I feel like I am currently the queen of the lists. I have lists for what I need while at the conference, I have lists of what I'll need in Disneyland, I have lists of what I need to run the half marathon, I have lists of lists it seems. Now the goal is to make it all fit under 50 pounds. This can be a serious challenge.

Slowly but surely it'll happen. Slowly but surely I'll weed through what I need versus what I would love to bring. Slowly but surely I will make it happen. There is a certain amount of excitement that goes along with packing as well as anticipation of the trip to come.

What do you always forget to pack?
Do you have any great packing tips?
Do you pack in a suitcase or in a soft sided bag?
Do you like to be able to carry everything on?

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  1. I always forget to pack pajamas. Seriously. Jake and I had to go to Target and get me some pjs when we left a couple of weeks ago.

    I like a soft sided bag because it seems like they get more leeway for carry-ons. "I can smush it to make it fit, see?" ha ha. ALTHOUGH, I'm starting to think I might start using a suitcase so I don't have to carry the bag. But, you're buffer than I am...

    I LIKE to be able to carry everything on because I'm cheap. That doesn't always work, though.

    Happy Vacation!