Saturday, January 5, 2013

My burlap and mason jar wedding

I realize it is trendy. I don't care.
I like it.
It's our wedding.
Anyways. While my family was here my brother (THANK GOD FOR BROTHER) helped me made all of these beautiful mason jars for decorations at our wedding reception. They were super easy to make and he did an amazing job. (I have done lots of them since he left)

What we did to make the jars. 
  1. Clean jars
  2. Put duct tape inside out around the jar
    1. helps to keep the twine from moving all over the place
  3. wrap jars with twine in whatever pattern you choose
    1. I went to the local craft shops and found a multitude of shades of brown twine/hemp/jewelry making materials
    2. we wrapped the twine in random patterns so no two jars are alike
    3. some jars (pictured above) we put a piece of burlap ribbon and lace under a simple bow of twine
  4. seal off ends with a small drop of hot glue
  5. Repeat tons

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  1. I am doing a vintage & lace theme wedding but its looking like it will involve some mason jars as well :) Problem is my guys will be in gray suits - but my MOH found some colored burlap to match!! Congrats and good luck!!