Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bike Trainer

I dream of doing a triathlon  Seriously. I don't know why. Something about the three disciplines at the same race makes me excited to try, a short one, nothing major. My downfall is the bike for sure (granted my bike is from 8th grade so that doesn't help and is not in the best of shape due to the car accident this past spring- that's a whole different story). I can run (not the world's best runner but I can run none the less) and I can swim (I love swimming as well) but my biking is not my strong suit. I don't know why I am not amazing at it but I am not. End story. However I want to be better.

Marc set up his bike trainer in my living room, basically it is his bike on this little gismo that allows you to ride stationary. It is great. So I tried it. My butt hurt about two seconds in. Seriously those seats are NOT made for comfort, yes I know I just need to get used to it. It will be fine, my butt will build up tolerance. I am determined to learn how to bike better. Seems like an elementary skill, but I am just not an amazing biker. So I have vowed to improve, so now I bike in my living room while watching tv or a movie. That makes everything better, watching something that you can sort of space out to. Or it is at least in my mind.

I did order a pair of cycling shoes online the other day and I am hoping this helps some as well. I wore Marc's shoes, which were way too big and my feet sloshed around in them, so new shoes should massively help. Hopefully they fit, or else they go back and I order bigger, either way I think shoes that fit should also improve my experience.

Here is to my butt gaining a tolerance for his bike and slowly but surely learning what I can and cannot do. Someday I will earn a triathlon medal. I will hang it on my wall proudly.

Do you like earning medals?
Do they motivate you?
Have you ever completed a triathlon?

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  1. If biking is your only "downfall" for the tri, who cares, SIGN UP for one!! Most people are terrified of the swim, which is understandable. Biking can easily be improved, sign up sign up sign up! :)