Friday, December 14, 2012

Welcome Winter

Dear Winter-
       I think you have finally arrived. I think you are here in Northern Minnesota, about time, I have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. In my opinion you arrived late this year. I always start to get a bit anxious for you come October. Seriously, it seems only a week or so ago it was great running, biking, and dog walking weather, today we register a solid zero degrees, good work. Oh the changes, not to mention we have a solid foot of snow on the ground with a thin sheet of ice below. Truth be told, I LOVE IT! I love having everything covered in that beautiful white layer of snow that just screams to children (and me) come sledding, the ice is getting thick (anticipating the good ice skating and snow shoeing on the lakes), enjoy the snow, play in me.
     You do add a challenge to working out and getting in the appropriate amount of steps. I can do the snow but the ice is the complicating factor. Yes, I know I just go to the ymca and that fixes my problem, however it doesn't help my crazy dog. She needs to be playing outside and when your temperatures drop below zero she doesn't like to stay outside too long nor do I to take her for a walk. Please be kind in terms of ice, it makes it challenging not only for me but also for the older folks who desperately want to get out as well. They like to come to church and go to bingo, be kind to them, their hips can't handle it, a broken bone in their world is quite the tragedy.
     If I can put in a request for the beautiful snow globe looking snow on Christmas Eve that would be fabulous. I love coming out from the candle light serve and to see that you are laying down a new fresh sheet of snow. There is something magical about it. It seems all too appropriate that you would lay down a beautiful light layer of snow for Christmas. If you want the particulars I would prefer that you don't give us a full blizzard that day it seems far too many people travel on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I would hate for them to not be able to get to family. Be kind.
    While I am being demanding and putting in my requests, I would love one massive massive blizzard, the kind that makes it impossible for anyone to get anywhere, school is cancelled for the kids, and I get to work from home (or maybe just stay in my pjs or change into sweatpants) and sip on hot chocolate, curl up on the couch and watch a good movie and read some amazing books, all while napping intermittently and crocheting. Thanks for at least hearing my requests, I know you were deeply concerned about my feelings towards you.
     Keep bringing down the snow, I really don't mind shoveling, seriously. I generally even shovel a few houses down because I just love being outside in the snow. So bring it on. Let's see how much you can dump this year. You are already on the right track with that last snow fall, I hear you brought half as much this past weekend as you did all of last winter. Props to you.
    Don't overstay your welcome, please feel free to start your leaving process about mid-March. I appreciate you, but also welcome your cousin Spring about mid-March early April. Have a wonderful day. I love you being around.


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  1. I love winter also. I'm not sure I will love it without my jeep though. I got a new car last year and we never received any significant snow so I hope I can manage this year.

    I think I should out making a snowman on my to-do list this season though...sometime being a "grown-up" makes me forget about the fun parts of winter.