Thursday, December 13, 2012


Dear big name satellite provider-
    You annoy me. End story. I would love to end this sweet note there, however I feel like I need to express my opinions. I am going to leave you nameless on purpose as I am certain many people get great service from you or else you wouldn't still exist. I however am unhappy with you. I know you don't overly care, you don't really need my business. That's fine.
     I am sorry that I wasn't willing to climb up a ladder to the second story of my house to check on my satellite, I don't think it would be safe given my ladder is way short and the roof could be icy. No I don't want to make one of your guys go up there, however I do know you have taller ladders, are trained, and have done this more than once. From what I can tell my satellite only has a small dusting of snow on it, no it is not snowing or raining or storming outside, yes I am 100% certain. I am also certain that my receiver is plugged in. I have restarted it several times, three times while on the phone with you, no that isn't working.
     I wish you had a way for us to differentiate on the phone who has first attempted your online support and has already done all of the steps you so kindly lay out sot hat you don't have to walk me through them three or four times on the phone. I have already done them and I told you I have already done them.
     If you admit that the problem is probably on your end I really don't want to pay nearly a hundred dollars to pay a technician to come out and check my equipment particularly when you repeatedly tell me it may not fix the problem and I still have to pay. Yes, I am willing to pay the $22.50 early termination fee so I can go with another company. You annoy me. I hate that you think I am dumb.
     I also don't appreciate the 11 (yes I counted them) emails that you sent me in the 36 hours since cancelling my service. Seriously, I am not coming back to you for a while. If I do come back to you I will do a little research and make sure that I can see some improvements in what you are doing.
     I am thankful that some people enjoy your service and stay with you because I am sure you employ lots of people, which is good. Thanks for what services you did provide, you did allow me to watch some of my favorite tv shows.


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