Saturday, December 15, 2012

Call Perks

One of the perks of my call is that occasionally I get to help lead worship at a local nursing home. (The clergy in the area all rotate through the nursing homes in this area, we have several nursing homes we get to help lead worship.) Today is one of those days that I get to lead worship with the older folks. Now generally it is not in my call to come alongside the older generations. My primary focus is children, youth, and family ministries, which I LOVE. Seriously, I am over the top blessed to be able to have the call I have. However sometimes I do enjoy the chance to lead worship at the nursing home.

I love the wisdom and the pure enthusiasm of the folks gathered at the nursing home. They are genuinely excited to be in worship and to receive communion. Some of these folks have fading memory and do not always remember what is going on or where they are but there is something outstanding that happens when they gather for worship, some how the Holy Spirit works and moves and they always seem to remember The Lord's Pray, Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, and other classics. Most of them can also still recite the Apostle's Creed without any hesitation. It is humbling to worship alongside these folks and to bear witness to their testimony of our wonderful God.

I enjoy taking some of my high schoolers and junior high kids with me when I go, occasionally we even have a family or three join us. If someone brings a baby they are always passed around from one person to the next and smothered in love. We are to the point that the youth also look forward to sitting next to these folks in worship, while these aren't their grandparents they have a deep respect for those in this particular nursing home. They have developed favorites and everyone has a buddy. I love the chance for mutual ministry, the older folks love seeing the younger youth and the youth love to spend time with their elders. Both the youth and the elders love to share stories and be in one another's presence.

Thanks be to God for the ways in which God calls us to walk alongside one another and to value each and every person.

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