Saturday, December 8, 2012

To just be

The last 48 hours were marvelous, simply marvelous. I traveled back to South Dakota to visit my dear friend, who was recently diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. I was able to go home, sit in the hospital room, hear and tell stories, see the smile on her face, hear her joys & fears, pray with her, and just be together. What a gift.
It was fun to sit to be in one another's presence to know one another was near.

It makes me hate living so far away from my family and friends, it makes me anxious to want to get back to closer to family and friends. Don't get me wrong I love the place serve, I love the synod, I love the friends I have made (some have even become like family) but it is hard to be away from those people who I grew up with, those people who mean the world to me. I know I have been called to Minnesota for a reason and there are many joys associated with it but there are also some pains in being so far away. Marc and I have talked at length about where we would want to live if we moved and could have God plan the same, but it's hard because we currently are about half way between both families.

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