Friday, December 7, 2012

Glorification of busy.

I have seen the sign a few different places and it simply reads "stop the glorification of busy." I am caught up in that glorification all too often, I feel a need to be busy, to have my days programmed to what feels like the minute allowing no time to stop, breathe, and be. I am guilty as charged some days. I have been convicted of this time and time again and yet I love to have days to myself with nothing planned. I love the chance to make a fresh cup of coffee, drink it from a real mug (not a travel mug - I drink from a travel mug 90% of the time due to being on the go), curl up on my chair with my dog in my lap, and either read a good book or crochet for the fun of it.

I have Fridays off, I don't try not to work on that day, I try to make plans with friends, clean my house, get caught up on laundry, go grocery shopping, go for a good run, and whatever else may tickle my fancy that day. I love my day off, usually I can avoid at least going into work. It is a gift for sure.

Post Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas always seems to me like the epitom of busy. There are Christmas presents to make/buy and wrap, there are parties to attend, advent to survive (extra services, bible studies, and an extra book study), on top of it seems unfortunately that we are going to have several funerals at church, get ready for my family to arrive, and send Marc off to a family wedding in Wisconsin (that I can't attend due to it being a couple days before Christmas). It is crazy and I refuse to buy into the glorification of busy and buying more, this Advent season. This advent season I am focusing on those things that matter, relationship, friends, family, training, and my sweet puppy. I refuse to get caught up in the chaos of the season and everything that can and does happen. I refuse to be over run by commercialism and the need to buy.

I am choosing this advent season to be more intentional about prayer, to spend time with family and friends, and to enjoy each day I have been given. I choose to enjoy the season and not get stressed out. I choose to love each and every day and love those who I get to interact with.

What are you finding filling your advent season with?
Are you making any gifts this Christmas?
Does your family have any fun Christmas traditions?

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