Monday, December 10, 2012


I love living in northern Minnesota for a couple reasons (yes there are reasons I hate it too - primarily because it is way too far away from my family) - but one of the reasons I love living up north is the snow. Seriously I LOVE snow. While some people freak out and get annoyed that the temperature is at a solid -4, there is a piece of me that rejoice as the ice is getting thicker and has to be nearing snow shoeing on the ice weather. GLORIOUS!

Yesterday was an ideal day to say the least: church went well, we celebrated new members and a baptism, and then I spent the rest of the day with Marc and Dakota. We wore sweatpants, watched a good movie, consumed some crockpot chili, and watched another Packer victory. Seriously, wonderful and what I needed. The day was broken up by a few trips outside to shovel the snow that kept falling (I do love shoveling snow even though most people hate the job) and conversations about this that and the other. I am thankful for days like yesterday.

While we were talking yesterday we also realized that we are now under the six month mark until we get married. It will be wonderful to begin that transition. It is a little strange to have two houses going at this point, it seems like we are always running back and forth to grab a movie or something out of the kitchen. It will be great to be in the same place, despite the fact that I know it will come with its own set of challenges too. On the one hand it seems like six months is a ridiculously long ways away, and it won't ever get here. On the other hand it seems like it is just around the corner and my list of stuff that needs (or at least I would like) to get done is relatively lengthy. I know it will all play out like it needs to and at the end of the day we will be married and this is all that will matter. I suppose one of these days I should start to move some of my stuff that is spread out all over the house and begin to make room for Marc. We'll put that on the winter project list.

What is on your to-do list on a snowy winter day?
Any good book suggestions? I am just finishing mine and need a new one.
Any winter weather training tips?

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