Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Fridays

I work strange hours, my call is does not have any typical hours, my days are anything but ordinary. For the most part I wouldn't trade it for the world. One quirk to being pastor is my Thursdays are like everyone else's Friday's sort of, I get Friday as my usual day off (of course pending youth events and other type church related stuff) and so I begin to get my Friday twitch every Thursday afternoon, it is almost time for a day off. A day where I can go to the gym at an odd hour, I can wear my sweat pants all day and not shower till the evening, I can wake up and read while snuggling my cute puppy on the couch, I can crochet till my hand/wrist hurts. I love the potential of a day off with nothing or minimal planned. I love knowing a clean house is around the corner.

I look forward to tomorrow. I rejoice that God hasn't called us to be work-a-holics and values me for who God created me to be rather than by how much I do or don't get done in any given day. I am thankful for a day dedicated to whatever I want, a day dedicated to rest, a day to be still. I am thankful for grace that claims me each and every day so I know I don't have to earn my own worth, rather I have been marked with the sign of the cross and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

Tomorrow night's highlight: a pintrest party at my place. I have invited over several people from church and requested that they all bring a "pintrest dish" to share with the group and I have come up with the "pintrest project" for everyone to create, now really I need to limit it to a couple projects because I feel like I have about 10,000 options of great projects. Super excited, I am sure I'll post pictures of it or at least take a billion, be sure to watch my instagram feed, that seems to be where lots of photos are going these days.

What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
Do you loathe or love cleaning?
Any day off rituals?
What's the best thing you have created/made off of pintrest?

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