Wednesday, November 28, 2012


While the ticker on the right hand of my page continues to count down until the Tinkerbell half marathon (super super super jazzed about running this race), my training has slipped in the past couple of weeks for a number of reasons, mostly lame excuses. I have been getting in some runs but not quite the length I want or really I guess I should say need. I have committed to getting back to it, although I am fearing the winter months are going to involve many a long run on a treadmill (I HATE TREADMILLS) I tried to go out running this morning and ended up at the YMCA because everything had a nice layer of ice on it, which complicates running.

So I am back at the ymca trying to figure out how I can work the system and get more than a half hour on any given machine (dumb rules, which I understand but frustrate me when I want/need to run more than a half hour). I also don't love running in a confined public space because somehow people are confused, they don't get the subtle hints when I have my ear phones in, am on the corner treadmill facing the window outside that I don't want to talk to them while I run. Apparently this is a confusing concept. They mean well, they just annoy me.

Totally random unrelated note: last night I cleaned my kitchen [I am embarrassed to say how nasty it was] and for some reason I feel much better about life with a clean kitchen. I put my advent wreath on the table and am jazzed for advent to start Sunday.

Anything random you'd like to share?


  1. I'm not a talker at the gym...I can accept a smile and a nod but no talking!

    Our cardio time limits will be in full effect in one month...the worst part about the new year.

    What's in your advent calendar? I found one that has nail polish in it...pretty cool!

  2. It is the worst part of the new year, all the cardio limits and then by March they are gone again. Thanks be to God.

    I don't have an advent calendar I have an advent wreath with candles, I imagine the nail polish one would be pretty sweet too though.