Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pep talk

I like early in the morning before I get up and have to go to work, to sit and snuggle my sweet puppy, to catch up on all the riveting news on facebook (or really any type of internet surfing), reading a few blogs, crocheting, and picking up my house before heading into work. I love my morning routine. Seriously. I also highly value sleep (true true true story). Yes, some days I do make time to get in a workout later in the day but then I always feel like it is rushed and hurried between this that or the other, it isn't fun, I don't like feeling rushed, and it is time to change my routine.

Lately I must confess my training for my upcoming half marathon has slipped a bit and I am not happy with it, it is long over due to kick it in high gear, seriously, time to stop making lame excuses and get to the gym or get outside running. It's go time. I have gotten in a few good swims and a few good runs, but nothing amazing or ridiculously challenging. I forget that you don't get good or in shape or well trained without working for it. I won't improve my times unless I work at it, unless I put the miles under my belt, unless I get out of my house and train. Seems simple, but I love my morning routine.

I secretly dream of completing and Ironman 70.3, I don't think I have it in me to ever do a full but a half, is sooo tempting, however it means it is time to get serious, time to stop making lame excuses, time to put myself to bed earlier, time to get out of my house and get to the gym.

Yes, you all just read my pep talk to myself.

Now to step up and do it.

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