Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Dear sickness invading my body,
   You have had your four days and I am over you, okay so I am clearly not over you as I still feel like crap. I have tried going to the doctor (which for me is a huge step) and they say you are viral and there is nothing I can do other than let my body battle you. I am annoyed with you. My throat hurts and my nose is like a faucet. I am taking vitamin c to combat you as well as drinking far more water than I can fathom. Yesterday I tried to flush you out with over 150 ounces of water. Leave me alone.
    Truth be told what annoys me more than being sick is the training you are screwing up. Do you know that I am running a half marathon on the 20th? While I am thankful you didn't show up over that weekend, I am still over the top annoyed. I can't make up for the training lost or the miles I wish I had run. I can't make up for wanting to get in one more super hard long run and you screwed it up. Three-fourths of the way through you make me incapable of finishing what I had started, I was coughing and my throat stinging. You annoy me. GO AWAY and do not come back, you aren't welcome.
     When you leave please also don't go to anyone else. So far you have stayed away from my fiance (which I am not certain how as he as sat on the couch next to me as I coughed and coughed and coughed, not to mention he leans over and kisses me goodnight when he is leaving each night) please continue to do so. I need to keep training, I need to keep running, I need to be able to talk on the phone to run and not sound like I do. So please please please, leave me alone.

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