Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Family Faith Journey

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created by our amazing office manager

It is an honor and a priveledge to walk along side families this year as we explore the Old Testament. I was skeptical but God kept giving me the nudge saying: go ahead, I am with you, go for it, dive in deep. So as a congregation we dove in deep, we took out walls, we bought some tables, (working on getting chairs),the vision was cast, hundreds of conversations were had, and Family Faith Journey began. It isn't Sunday School as the 1960's knew it (not that I remember the 1960s however you get my point). Second-fourth graders gather with their parent(s)/adult figure in their lives come together to learn and grow, to hear the stories, to wrestle with what they mean, to ask the big questions, and wonder what God is calling us to do or who we are called to be.
We gather as families. The Family Faith Journey continues to transform and grow into what the families need it to be. The Family Faith Journey is inviting other families to join us, each week since we began we have been seeing an increaed number of people joining in the journey, coming alongside one another, praying, growing, discovering, being the body of Christ. We proudly celebrate our differnces and our likeness. We rejoice in the way God created all people. We ask the big questions, we pray, we get frustrated, we grow, we learn, and we love.

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