Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Fitness Class

          This morning I did it, I feel like I can pat myself on the back just a little for a moment. Yes, I am a pastor, yes it  people person, however I HATE going new places/to new things alone! Seriously I don't know why but it seems like the worst thing ever to me. Unless it is a state park or something where I can take Dakota and we can go off and hope to not see anyone. (I love people, but I also love time with just Dakota and me.) Anyways, back to the point of this story, for months (literally months) I have been telling myself that I should go try the group power class at the ymca here in town in the morning, and for months I have been making excuses: I don't want to get up (class starts at 5:40 am and you have to set up your weights and stuff starting at 5:30 am), I don't know anyone, I don't feel like it, blah blah blah insert lame excuse here. Well today I did it! I went to bed early last night (some days a small miracle to be home at a decent hour to go to bed early enough to get up to get to class) and set my alarm for before the crack of dawn.
          This morning as my alarm went off I knew it was time to make a decision, to go to class or not. I couldn't come up with a lame enough excuse to keep me in bed, so I got up, let the dog out (she was not happy to see that it was still dark out and begged to be put back in her kennel before I left), ate a small breakfast, and was off to the ymca. I pulled into the parking lot, there was a handful of cars, none that I recognized (I secretly was hoping that I would know someone), and proceeded inside. After dropping my sweats in my locker I headed into class nervously. People were hussling and bussling setting up weights, bars, benches, and filling out little cards. I had no clue what was going on.
        After all of about two seconds looking around someone recognized me, someone I teach swimming lessons with on occasion (she subs from time to time). I felt like I had almost walked into the Cheers bar off of tv, everyone knew everyone's name and were rapidly catching up on life, after a few introductions, a quick overview from an instructor, we were off and going for the next hour. While confused from time to time, it wasn't impossible to catch on to (which I had convinced myself time and time again that it would be [I Zumba-ed once - I am a rotten Zumba-er]), the work out was wonderful, I am certain I will feel it later, and dare I say I enjoyed the class and look forward to going back again.
         Trying something totally outside my box wasn't as totally awful as I imagined it would be, it wasn't horrible and scary, and while lost for moments at a time, it was totally possible to catch on and I look forward to more group power classes. If I had a sticker chart for myself today I would totally have given myself one for trying something new.

How do you feel about stepping into something new and different?
Do you like group fitness classes?
What is your favorite group fitness class?

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