Monday, October 22, 2012

Fargo Mini Marathon 2012 Review

Fargo Mini Marathon's Running Reformers
         This was the first year of the Fargo Mini Marathon, this race took place of the Oktoberfest run that had usually took place in mid-October. The race was moved to south Fargo and began and ended in the Scheel's arena. The race seemed well organized from the start & packet pick up was a breeze. The shirts are wonderful athletic shirts rather than cotton we got the same Asics bags that they use for the Fargo marathon in May.
     The race took off late due to massive amounts of problems with traffic and being able to get to the arena on time, I was thankful our hotel was super close to the arena making getting there a bit easier. There was three races: 5k, 10k, and a half marathon. There was also a kids race at noon. The half marathon began last. The course was interesting to say the least, some of the volunteers were phenomenal and some of the volunteers were less than helpful. The race was a little hard to figure out because it felt like we kept running through a ton of different housing communities, all which looked the same and were to a certain degree switchbacks. There was even a few times that we got on paths that felt like we were running through people's yards. It was good but interesting to say the least. The wind blew strong and hard as there is very little to block the wind out there.
      There were moments that I wish I had a camera with me because seriously there were arrows on the ground pointing in all three directions, thank God I run mid-pack and didn't have to try to figure out where I was going, I definitely would have gotten confused and turned around. I am not certain if I liked this year's route better than the old one, I know change is always hard, but this course felt so strange to say the least. Although I am sure I'll get use to it and as the neighborhoods develop a little that will help so then there is not construction workers and trucks everywhere. Despite the crazy route, I was happy to have set a new personal record. I am certain that for me any given race is about 75% mental game and 25% physical game. I have to keep overcoming the mentla game that sometimes gets the better of me.
     I always love getting the medal placed around my neck at the end of a race and the runner's high that follows. Ahhh how wonderful - gives me reason to run. Overall I was satisfied with the race. The Running Reformers ran well for sure, we came in with three personal records and a fourth good run. I am proud to be a running reformer. The post race food was slightly strange, it was cookies, chicken noodle soup, bread, and peanut/candy corn mix. I missed the bananas and Cass Clay chocolate milk. I love racing with friends for sure!!!!
     I am jazzed that this week is going to be a 2 medal week, this coming Saturday I get to earn my Crosslake Run series medal as well. I am running the Monster Dash 5k in Crosslake on Saturday, should be wonderful. This race also has me jazzed and re-excited about training for the Tinkerbell half marathon this January in Disneyland!

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  1. You were crazy! Talking about the next one before we finished this one. I can't wait. Happy trails lady!