Monday, October 15, 2012

Give 500

It is time, I am joining up with the joyful abode in her give 500 challenge. All through college and seminary all of my stuff fit in my car, everything I owned fit in my car. Every time I had to move I was forced to go through all of my stuff and determine what I needed and what I could get rid of, it was wonderful, it kept everything in check, I couldn't get too much stuff, I needed it to fit in my car to move. Now that I have "settled" down a bit, i.e. I am not moving every nine to twelve months, I have realized that I have a TON of stuff, some of it is necissary like my bed and couch, other stuff has just built up. I am hoping to give away 500 items by March 1, 2013. (no real reason why I chose March 1 other than it gives me all winter to work on this project.) Feel free to click on the icon above to learn more about the give 500 project.

Anyone else have excess stuff and want to join in the give 500 project?

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