Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crosslake Monster Dash 2012 Review

The Crosslake Monster Dash was the third and final race in the Crosslake Run Series. The only option for race distances was a 5k, which given that this race is at the end of October in northern Minnesota it makes sense. If the weather was nice sure one could run other distances but with the uncertainty of mother nature, one never knows what could have happened and a 5k is do-able in almost every weather condition. I was pretty jazzed about running this race because I knew that those of us who had run all three races: Grandpa's Run for the Walleye, Crosslake Dam Run, and the Monster Dash got a medal, which makes it a two medal week (one last Saturday for the Fargo Mini Marathon, and the Crosslake Run Series) - I love earning medals. I also have a great appreciation for the fact that this race is close to me so I don't have to worry about driving a crazy distance in order to get to it. I love the races in Fargo but they always involve staying overnight in a hotel and driving several hours to get to them.
The race registration was very well run and fast. There was a lot of people in costumes! The race began five minutes late and was a wonderful course. I have to give props to the volunteers of this race, they were all very helpful and attentive. They were also very positive and cheered everyone on! Thanks be to God for great race volunteers. The course was also well marked and easy to understand where we were suppose to be going. It was a fabulous course with a few very small hills.
The door prizes were awesome and it seemed like a lot of people got prizes they ranged from t-shirts to gift cards to hotel stays! The race shirts were awesome long sleeve shirts that were not totally obnoxious. All of the Crosslake road race series participants got a medal for completing the series.

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