Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post Race Hangover

I seriously feel like for about a week after a good race I have a bit of a hangover. It is a sacred window of time when the world seems totally conquerable and I can do anything. I am living in it right now. Before the race I was debating on which race to run in Fargo come May, but about a half hour after the race it was set in stone, I am half crazy, I enjoy the half distance as much as I hate it. My mind continues to race with fitness goals and my muscles ache slightly still reminding me of the joyful run this past weekend. For me a good run/workout seems to be the cure to any crankiness I maybe plauged with, I saw somewhere (my guess is pintrest) a sign that said "you are only one good run away from a good mood" and seriously it is so true for me. Note to self: this is one of the reasons you run, you love the post race feel good about life feeling.

My new quest before my run in January is I need to find new shoes! I hate this process, I want my old shoes, I have now finally come to grips with it isn't going to happen. I am not going to be able to get my beloved shoes back, so it is time I get over it and start the search. I semi-started looking at shoes on Friday before the half marathon and I tried on a couple pairs, at a big store that was super busy, so the staff didn't really have time to help me try on several pairs. None of them fit quite like I would like them to. One pair was too tight, one pair my foot sloshed around from side to side (no I don't have narrow feet), one pair was super heavy, and yet another was just uncomfortable. I am committed to finding a new pair of shoes. I am planning on going to an actual running store that specializes in shoes and I am going to try on a ton of them until I find something else that will work. Note to self: next time you fall head over heals in love with shoes buy a ton of them and just keep them on your shelves so you have them forever and never have to go through this process. I seriously think I am going through a bit of a grieving process over shoes [talk about first world problems here].

I also think it is time to update my ipod again. For some reason I hate the process of updating my running music. It is a fine balance of having music that is fast enough but not too fast and not getting any lame songs in there that drive me nuts after about three or four listenings. I also have discovered that I can't have slow songs, they break my mood and I seriously want to slow down when listening to them. It is strange, my music dictates my speed to a certain degree. I think my goal is to try and change my music at least between every half marathon. That is a lot of running and sooooo I listen to much of the same stuff time and time again. Note to self: go update your ipod even if you hate the process and you know that the first few runs with a new playlist won't be great until you get the playlist fine tuned and take out the songs you thought you'd like to run to but really you can't because they are too slow.


  1. Let's meet in St. Cloud. I love the Endurunce Shop. It won't take as much time as you think. They know what they doing! I feel in love with the first pair. :)

  2. I'm with you on the ipod thing! It's beyond time for mine...needs an update bad! LOL

    You won the Frush Giveaway on my blog! Email your address to me at: and I'll have your goodies out to you this week! :0) Congrats!