Friday, August 31, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal - August Reveal

My foodie pen-pal for the month who sent to me was Elise. Elise blogs as the jersey flower, feel free to click on that and see her blog. I got an amazing package from her (thank you thank you thank you). It contained: a note explaininig everything inside of the package, hot chocolate, peanut m&ms, lipton tea, vegan butterscotch disks, granola bars, Cherryberry crunch bites, and some orbits gum (in a flavor I haven't tried in the past.... yummy).

The contents of the delicious package I recieved.



If you are interested in signing up I highly encourage you to click the picture below and sign up for next month, it is super fun to get mail that is not bills or junk mail but rather yummy treats.


The Lean Green Bean


  1. Don't you love getting food in the mail? I just love this idea! Looks like you got a lot of yummy snacks!