Saturday, September 1, 2012


Where did summer go and how is fall upon us?! It is an exciting time in the church (as well as other places I realize), it is a time of new beginnings and ministries going strong. I feel like I have spent the past month preparing for this month, making photo copies, ensuring I have adult leaders to help where needed, making all the necissarily curriculum, and general long range planning and announcing all that is coming. It is exciting and terrifying.

Excitement in my world in terms of work this summer has been found all over, but one thing in particular that I have been working on for this fall is that we are switching out 2nd-4th graders to Family Faith Journey in terms of Sunday school. What does this mean?! Good question, we named it ourself. We are moving to a whole family Sunday school for our 2nd-4th graders, meaning they get to come with their parent(s) to Sunday school and together learn. The problem with this whole deal is currently there is not any curriculm written for this type of Sunday school unless it is extremely fundamental or not quite where we want to be at theologically so I am writing all my own curriculum. I forget how much time this takes. I am excited to see where this all goes and how it transpires, I know we will have to make adjustmetns as we learn what the year looks like and what this group of people need but I am excited none the less.

I am also jazzed that fall is around the corner. I love fall and look forward to sweatshirt weather, football season, all things pumpkin, runs where I am not over the top sweating when I walk out the door, and a 'normal' (or as normal as things get for me) routine. I am ready to get back in the swing of things as intimidating as it may be, it is exciting.

Personally I am also excited because the training plan that I am using for the Disneyland Tinkerbell half marathon officially kicks off midway through September. I look forward to long runs in the cooler weather. I am not however looking forward to the long runs on the ice or snow or on the dreaded treadmill.September I am going to focus on celebrating the miles I get run, the laps I get swam, and the days I get in a good workout and not focus on beating myself up for the miles I should have run or the laps I should have swim or the weights I should have lifted. I choose to rejoice in the victories that will happen.

I am also excited because I have a really hard time getting motivated to crochet during the summer months, it never seems like time to create things, so I sort of take a break through the summer months and fall always kicks me back into time to crochet things again.

It is crazy to think of everything this year will hold and I couldn't be more excited. There are lots of things happening at church and in June I am getting married. Which I still don't think I have gotten used to that idea fully. Crazy! It should be a wonderful year of planning and at the end of it all I get to get married (one of these days I should start planning).

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