Monday, July 30, 2012

Favorite Websites

I love the internet and can't fathom life without it any more, for one reason or another I have decided to post a list of my favorite websites. The websites are listed in no particular order.

  • Shutterfly - I LOVE making photobooks! At one point in life I thought I would actually scrapbook like everyone else in the world, when I realized that would not happen! I am not creative enough and far too much of a perfectionist when it comes to certain things to actually scrapbook - however I have found great freedom in digital scrapbooking and love the quality of these books! I have also used them to make Christmas Cards, post cards, journals for work, and several other projects. I LOVE shutterfly.
  • Facebook - I know it maybe totally cliche, but I love facebook to a certain degree, yeah the petty stuff and the complaining gets annoying, but I love that I am able to easily connect with friends, see pictures of friend's kids, and connect with some people that I haven't talked to in forever. Granted nothing replaces actual phone calls, skype meetings, handwritten letters, and actual visits - facebook works well for me in the digital world.
  • Pintrest - LOVE IT! I love all the ideas that I am able to pull off of here and make happen. There are lots of things I will never have time for or will never actually make but I have actually used quite a bit of stuff off this website. It has ideas and everything! 
  • Raverlry - This website has lots and lots of crochet patterns (knitting too but I have no clue how to knit, so am only interested in crochet patterns). It has some for free and some you have to purchase for a reasonable price (usually). I have found lots of patterns that I love on this website, I am thankful for the ability to see other patterns and see people's pictures of how their item turned out to know what a certain project may look like
  • Pandora - How brilliant! I love the ability to create radio stations and tailor them to my liking. I have lots of different stations all for different moods and things. I love not needing to haul around cds or my ipod and just being able to play pandora whenever I want.
  • Oremus - I love having an NRSV version of the bible available online, one that I can pull scripture off of to put into documents or whatever the need may be. The NRSV is my preferred version of the bible.
  • All Recipes - This is my go to for trying new recipes after pintrest, of which I have discovered many of the pintrest recipes I have use are originally from allrecipes.

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