Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soda - a crazy idea

Sometimes when my mind is busy thinking about one thing or another I am lead to think through ridiculous ideas. Today's ridiculous idea came to me midway through my morning run: give up soda for a year, starting August 1. I love soda and that is exactly why I think I want to try to give it up for a year. It is my go-to drink at times and I need to consume more water, I don't want to crave soda I want water or juice or crystal light or something other than soda to be my go to.

I like a good diet coke or frozen coke from time to time, not to mention a delicious dr. pepper.

I think I am going to try it, I make no promises that I will actually make it a year but what the hey here is to 12 months without soda.


  1. I'm gonna do it with you. ready, set, go.

  2. We can do this for sure!

    Cubby, I didn't even realize you read my blog.