Monday, May 14, 2012

Long time no blog

Excitement in my world right now:

  • I am actually getting somewhere with remodeling the kitchen - the countertops are off and I think I have the sheet rocking done, now to finish taping and mudding and get it all sanded down and what not so I can paint and get the new countertops back into my kitchen (LONG OVERDUE)
  • There is a high likelihood that I will get to play a role in helping to run a camp in the area (more on this when it becomes official)
  • Dakota is amazing as always
  • Work life is coming along fabulously - now I just need to nail down all the little details about the trips & summer ministries for the summer and I'll be good to go
  • My brother's dog is moving in with me this weekend (excitement... not certain it is good, but his dog is CRAZY so I am certain you all will hear about the crazy dog, who I have grown to love)
  • I bought a KAYAK!!! SUPER excited about this. It is a wilderness systems pungo 120 and it is lime green.
  • This weekend I get to see lots of friends in Fargo as we all run various races Friday/Saturday - I am running the half marathon which I feel quite unprepared for but... it is what it is...
  • I have a to-do list that feels like it is about 7,000 miles long that is slowly but surely getting chipped away at
  • I have tried a ton of new crochet patterns lately and am loving them
  • I realized this week that I have successfully taken a picture every day this year so far, I am compiling them into a shutterfly album and am loving it, I update it about once a week, so it doesn't become too overwhelming and I don't have to try to figure out what pictures are from what
  • I'M NOT MOVING! - okay, if you know me this is very exciting as it is the first year since high school that I haven't had to move every year - I am jazzed about this
  • Sunday nights are becoming a beautiful tradition between a group of friends and I and we are constantly getting new people: we pack up our canoes, kayaks, dogs, whatever else we want and head to a camp here in town and spend the day playing - currently we all bring our own dinner but we are moving to pot lucking it every week - the photo below is from last night

Dakota and Luther swimming in Whipple Lake

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