Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kitchen Chaos

I am currently remodeling my kitchen by myself (or really with the help of any family and friends who get suckered into helping me out - basically meaning I am only hiring people to do things like the electrical - which I am legally required to do since I know nothing about electrical work) but the rest is getting done without professional help. This has been a long process and my kitchen is literally driving me NUTS! I haven't had a kitchen sink or any running water for that matter in my kitchen since Sunday. I was half tempted to post a picture of the nasty but thank God not many people come over at the moment because it is far too messy to post a picture. My kitchen table has turned into a mountain of crazy.

I will draw you a mental picture: my fridge is about five feet away from the wall and pulled out, my stove sits about three feet from my fridge also pulled out from it's home, my kitchen table as previously mentioned is a mountain of mess, my kitchen chairs are currently home to a 5 gallon pale of mud, primer, a toolbox, and being used as a stool to reach high places, not to mention the countertops are pulled off and covered by black plastic bags in order to avoid getting mud and paint on the contents of the drawers, and it is dusty as all get out due to sanding down the mud and what not. It is nasty. Yes, I know it will get better and there is hope that when I get this all finished it will be beautiful.

My goal is to get the countertops back on this Sunday night when my brother is in town so I have some help. I also hope we can figure out how to install the food disposal and and hook up the faucet. Thank God for youtube and people who have time to make instructional videos on youtube for people like me who have no clue how to do some of this stuff. Thank God for family and friends who help me when I am way over my head. Thank God for pb&j sandwiches that don't require much cooking or clean up.

In a completely random kitchen related success: I made a 4 layer cake for a church potluck last night and I hear it was tasty, it was gone before I got through the line.

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  1. Haha. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one in my circle of friends who looks at how to do stuff on YouTube! Sounds like it's coming along!