Thursday, January 5, 2012


It probably seems a little strange that a blog titled 'photos' will have no photos in it. But I am going with it anyways, why?! Because I can, it's my blog.

I LOVE taking pictures, I could spend hours upon hours taking photos, my problem is I go in spurts, I take lots of photos of one particular thing or event and then I forget to pull my camera back out for days at a time. So this year I have decided to take the 365 days of photos challenge. It is the 5th of January and it is already something on my mind of if this is really do-able. I want to give it a chance because I want to push myself to photograph the every day, but I am struggling with what to shoot. I need to continue on and push through this already bump. I think I am going to attempt to post my week in photos on Saturday or Sunday pending on time and when Saturday's photo gets taken. I am excited to see what I can come up with, but on mundane days, where I seem to fill my days with getting stuff done in the office and cleaning my house, and looking forward to a new episode of Grey's, I am just uncertain when to pull out my camera. I want fun pictures, I want to be a photographer whose photos tell a story and are more than mere objects on my desk or in my house, I don't want to take boring photos any more.

This year I will push myself, this year I will conquer this challenge (allowing myself some grace - I am sure there will be days in which I will forget to take a picture) - this year I want to enjoy taking photos every day. I want to capture this year. I am excited by 2012 - looking at it from the start it doesn't contain anything monumental (graduation, ordination, or even a big move), but I am excited to see what it contains.

Now dear 2012, how to photograph you?

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