Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Empty again.

Christmas and New Years was awesome to say the least, my family (Dad, Mom, and Brother) all came up and we spent nearly a week together. My brother stuck around for a little while and has now left for a few days to spend some time with his friends but left me with is dog (Nala, who is the highest needs dog I have ever met) and my friend Suz and her puppy (Louie) came to stay for a few days. Together with a group of friends we celebrated new years at my place. It was all fabulous, we played games and ate raclette (look it up it is swiss and amazing)!!! My house is now empty minus an extra dog for a few days before brother comes back. I am lame and am way excited to do things like: laundry, clean my floors, get all the dishes put away, clean the bathroom and living room. I love sharing my house with others but after just over two weeks of company, while I am super sad to see everyone go, I am jazzed to have my house all to myself and am able to clean it up and get it back into shape.

2012 is looking like it should be a good year, I have some fun stuff in the works.
Some of this year's highlights:
-Extravaganza, New Orleans, February
-Bring Grandpa and Grandma's car back with Mom, Naples to SD, April
-Craft fair with my friend Jess May 12
-Fargo Half Marathon, May 19
-Sour Grapes Half Marathon, Brainerd, June 9
-Boundary Waters Canoe Trip with friends, August
-365 days of pictures (I am not sure how this will turn out, but I am going to attempt to take at least one picture a day and put them all in a book)
-Oktoberfest (not sure distance yet) Run in Fargo, October

This summer will be nuts with work and trips here, there, and what feels like everywhere. While there is a piece of me that isn't over the top excited about it, part of me can't wait for the fun to begin, enough of this planning stuff, let's get on with the trips.

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