Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dakota - 8 Months

     Dakota is now just over 8 months old and while there have been moments that I thought she would either make a nice pair of mittens or a warm pair of boots (no I wouldn't really turn my dog into mittens or boots, it is just those moments when she is into EVERYTHING for a half second I almost debate the idea) I have loved 98% of the time she is around. I definitely think my counters (living room, bedroom, craft space, anywhere that there would be something not put away) are cleaner to the eye (she licks everything off or as in the photo above [which I realize is a little blurry but you try to catch a good picture of a puppy in action] steals whatever is left out off the counter to an unknown abyss).
     I love having her around! She is an incredible dog and if she makes it to adulthood (meaning she doesn't get attacked by a bear, which she had a face to face encounter with last week or hurl herself off a cliff in an attempt to get into whatever body of water is below) she will be a phenomenal dog! While she maybe a pistol with me, she is amazing with little ones, just last week I was dropping something off at someone's house and her twin boys successfully pulled on Dakota's ears and tail simultaneously while she just sat there and gave me the "can we please get on with our walk and leave these little things here" stare. I was impressed.
   Currently the snuggle puppy is rejoicing with me that it is Wednesday and I don't have to work this afternoon and is curled up in my lap while I catch up on facebook and prepare to read a book. (I am reading Almost Christian by Kendra Creasy Dean and loving it! It is a great youth ministry book.)

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