Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

This labor day feels like a strange one to me. I feel like I should be settling down in a new place and preparing for opening worship tonight. I feel like I should be getting my books together for class tomorrow and going to see my classmates and meeting the new class. I think this is the first year since I was three that I haven't been going to school! It is a great and strange feeling. Instead I am spending my day with Dakota and Gus and Luther (I am dog sitting for a youth director in town).  I am spending my day taking pictures of the caterpillars as they go by on the sidewalk next to me. I am spending my day shutterflying my pictures into albums. I am spending my day relaxing and having a blast working on all sorts of craft projects, crocheting, and reading a book. I plan to do a little cooking and baking later today. I am loving it!

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