Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Local Culture

     Growing up in South Dakota I was privilege to attend several Sioux and Lakota pow wows. Last weekend I googled to see what was going on in the area. I found a Ojibiwa pow wow that was open to the public, so I decided to go. If nothing else it would be a fabulous chance to see a new culture to me and to take some pictures (how can you go wrong). It was fabulous! I didn't stay for it all or get there at the beginning, it began around 1 in the afternoon and my guess is it finished long after I left at 10:30pm, darn Sunday morning preaching gets in the way of late nights on Saturday.
     This is one of the pictures I took, the colors that night were amazing on all of their costumes! It was fun to see and I marked next years on my calendar already.

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