Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm back.........

Alright, it has been far far far far too long since my last post, I'll be the first to admit, and time slipped away from me and I know that I haven't posted in forever. I kept thinking to myself that I should have posted but life happened and posting didn't. Now that life is semi-settling down I think it is time to get back on the horse and start up again.

Changes in life:
May 15, 2011: I graduated from WTS with my Masters of Divinity degree
May 21, 2011: I ran my 2nd Half Marathon (I am excited to run another)
May 28, 2011: I was ordained to word and sacrament
June 4, 2011: I got a golden retriever puppy, her name is Dakota
June 21, 2011: I bought a house
June 26, 2011: I began my first call as an ordained minister in the ELCA

Ahhhh it has been nuts and I give thanks for my family and friends who have loved me and supported me through this all.

I have a few projects (a couple practical and a couple fun) I am working on and some fun ones to try that  I have found. My project list at the moment:
-take down the wall paper in my bedroom
-paint the bathroom my house
-unpack boxes
-continue working on a crocheted blanket for a friend
-coasters -I saw some coasters that someone had made and I can't wait to try to make them myself
-continue to train Dakota (I LOVE HER)
-train for the Oktoberfest run in Fargo

Life is good.

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  1. what are we running in Oktober? Half or 10K? I think Bryant is doing the 10K....