Monday, April 4, 2011


Matthew, Bishop Hanson, and Sarah
     This past weekend here at WTS the new president finally had his inauguration. The event was highly celebrated and we all rejoiced in the new leadership at the castle. As part of the festivities, Bishop Hanson (the presiding Bishop of the ELCA) was present. While here we all kept him on his toes, not only did he preach at the inauguration and speak a couple other times but we as students asked him to take lots of photos (as seen above and even one with a cardboard cutout of a student who was not able to be at the festivities), sign a cast, and put up with our groupie-ish behavior. We all were so excited to have Bishop Hanson with us for the day. It was a fabulous time and a celebration for WTS and the church as a whole as we called a new leader.
    Wartburg did podcast both the Bishop's sermon and the presidential address if anyone is interested in hearing them, they can be found at:

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