Monday, March 28, 2011


Molita & Sarah with the hats we made.

     Yesterday Molita and I were able to give these 24 hats to a woman at our church to donate to a local hospital. It has been a fun project for the two of us to work on and think about all the newborn babies who will get to wear the hats. And just to be completely honest it has been a wonderful project to work on during the last semester of our senior year. There was instant gratification of seeing a complete project, while we have so many unknowns and things that are left unfinished (trying to figure out what next year will hold).
     The woman at our church was surprised to see how many hats we had made, we had told her that we had made a bunch of hats and she told us that she thought there would be six or eight and then we dumped a pile on her. It was fabulous. I am proud to be active and worshiping at St. John's in St. Donatus. For a smaller church they sure do care about the community and world around them. I am thankful for the ways that the people of St. John's have taken in so many of us seminarians.
     What are you or the congregation that you are active in doing to help serve the community in which you live? I love hearing ways in which people are serving their community and God is moving in and through people to care for the world around them.

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  1. I loved being a part of St. John's even if it was just for our senior year! The hats are super cute. Can't wait to see you soon! Let's try to crochet for a little bit together. You know, without the boys.