Friday, April 15, 2011

One Month

     Today marks one month until graduation, I (and my classmates) are graduating from seminary!!! While yes we have always known it is coming and yes it is true that the castle is a place along the journey not a final destination (unless you are faculty or staff) the castle is a place in which we learn and grow and pass through. We grow, we are transformed, we are formed into leaders for the world, we develop relationships, we ask hard questions, we are affirmed, we question some more, and finally we are sent out into the world to live as the heart, hands, and feet of Christ in the world. While I do count down to graduation I also know that I will deeply miss my friends here at the castle and some of the routine. I am done with all my course work which is beautiful so that I can hang out with people and enjoy Dubuque as often as possible.
     All that being said, there is a call on the horizon for me, I am excited and anxious, and so many more feelings all rolled into one. I have been assigned to the Northeastern Minnesota synod and am beginning to look more and more forward to moving somewhere and finally living somewhere longer than a year.
     The photo above is my senior banner made by my internship site, Abiding Hope Lutheran. I post the photo today because in many aspects it does reflect my call to ministry very well. The dove and rainbow symbolize God's promises to all people in which I cling so tightly. The Haitian dancer represents not only my brothers and sisters in Haiti but also my call to the global church. The person on the left is suppose to represent youth/children and the ways in which they grow into their faith and my call to serve the younger generations. The bread and wine represent the sacraments.

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