Saturday, February 26, 2011

Excitement & Bitter-Sweet

I am really really excited about the recent regional placements! It feels like it is long over due on one hand and on the other it seems like only yesterday that we were summer greekers. This picture is the epitome of bitter-sweet. I am way jazzed that my friend Matthew (pictured) and I both got assignments and that Bishops in our respective regions asked for us to be placed in their regions, I am NOT excited that our regions are not the same nor near one another. I will miss my classmates who have become like family. I will miss seeing them on the day in and day out. I rejoice that some classmates are assigned to the same region as me and that I will join a region with many WTSers. Plus there will be lots of folks to meet in the next stage of life. 

I continue to wait for a Bishop to call. I am told that the region 3 Bishops are meeting Thursday morning and can call us as soon as their meeting is over, although they may not have time to call for a few days. So I wait, with excitement, praying, hoping, and dreaming.

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  1. Somebody will be happy to call you! I just know there is a place out there waiting for you. I am being selfish when I say I hope it's SWMN!