Sunday, December 12, 2010

Only classes left.

It has happened.
Another semester has flown by and crawled by in that same breath.
Assignments are all turned in (just waiting to hear back on how I did on all the papers).
Now I have to just go to classes this week.

My brother graduates from ISU on Saturday morning so I'll be heading there on Friday so I can see him graduate, then it is back to SD.
Packing needs to happen soon.

This is a picture of Molita and I with one pan of our "All Day Vending Machine Cookies." The story goes like this. It was snowing and we couldn't go anywhere due to the advisement of nearly everyone on the news and we were going nuts staring at the same four walls (aka our dorm rooms) and we had a hankering for cookies. We'll as dorm dwellers we don't have a whole lot in terms of baking supplies, so we took the opportunity to decide that we would make chocolate chip cookies. We quickly realized that we lacked chocolate chips but came up with the fabulous idea to buy candy out of the vending machine to put in the cookies. One moment in life I was excited that I live in the building where everything happens on campus.
So we got a snickers bar, M&Ms, and Peanut Butter Cups and began our hunt for ingredients. Between the two of us and the vending machine we had all but two ingredients. After about an hour asking others for ingredients, a slight break to play wii, and one friend running quick to blair house, we had everything. We then went and fought for space in the kitchen, apparently like everyone else in the dorms snow days are great days to cook. (Reason number 78893736 that I am excited to live somewhere other than the dorms after graduation.)
Eventually we managed to get our cookies made and photographed the entire thing. Once the cookies were made, Molita and I went around to the doors who helped to supply the ingredients (slightly girl scoutish) and delivered the "all day vending machine cookies." We got raving reviews.
I would dare to say I would make these cookies intentionally. Recipe you ask? Basically: make chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips and add in candy. YUM!

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  1. It was WAY fun! I'm glad you thought of it! But then again, you ARE the brains of this operation.