Saturday, January 1, 2011


It has been quite the year. I am not sure where to even begin or necessarily how I would summarize the year in a few brief paragraphs, so I am not even going to attempt to walk through everything.

The picture is many of the Thomson cousins at Christmas this year with Grandma and Grandpa. I LOVE my family!

2010 will probably forever be mostly marked by my trip to Haiti. I was in Haiti with a group of 12 others from my internship site, and a mere 36 hours into our trip a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit 8 kilometers from where my group was at. For the next eight days we made attempts to get out of the country and eventually succeeded by boat through the Dominican Republic. During those eight days we saw much death and devastation and at times questioned life itself but we also saw the great generosity and love of the Haitian people. While I wouldn't ever ever ever want to live through that again nor would I wish that experience upon anyone, I have been blessed and see the world through a slightly different light now.

In other highlights of the year:
- a February trip to Disney World
-falling in love with running
-spending some time with the Herschedes in Vail
-a love for the people of Abiding Hope Lutheran
-beautiful hikes in the mountains
-moving back to WTS from Colorado
-a month prior to school starting to spend with family and friends
-a week in Cancun with my family
-faculty approval for ordination
-Senior Sermon in Chapel
-Thanksgiving with the Blakes
-Running a 10K in Fargo
-completing fall semester
-Christmas with the Thomsons

There is soooo much more that happened in 2010, but this is a glimpse into the highlights, I could continue on for hours about all the things that happened in 2010, I must confess that I am very excited for 2011, and the new start in the new year.

I continue to trust in the promise that life always wins over death, and that someday every tear will be wiped from every eye, every mouth will be fed, disease will no longer claim lives, all will be clothed, all will know where they will lay their head at night, someday all will live in love for our brothers and sisters all around the globe, and all will know that they are a beloved child of God.