Monday, November 29, 2010

update on life.

Here is a photo of 3 of the girls (Erin, Emily, Rebecca) who I grew up with, our fathers all went to college (at Dakota State University) together and our families have become very close over the years. (Rebecca's parents are my baptismal sponsors.) We gathered to celebrate Becca and her upcoming wedding.
We were able to have a bridal shower and then all of our families spent time together that evening. As all of us 'kids' grow up it is getting harder and harder to get us all together. I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Other highlights of life:

-I submitted my first call paperwork today!!!
Where in the world has time gone to?!
How am I going to be in the draft this February?!
I am excited and scared out of my mind at the same time.
-By next week Monday at 4:30pm I will pretty much be done with fall semester.
-I am absolutely exhausted!
-I am looking forward to having time to relax and work on fun projects.
-I am slightly intimidated by having to pack for break. I will leave around December 19 and return at the end of January, the 28th maybe. Not to mention I have approval interview, a half marathon to run, a week in Florida, and time at home that I will need to be packed for. Inevitably I will forget something. I figure as long as it isn't my running shoes, I should be okay.
-It has been confirmed time and time again that I have the world's best family and friends
-I love making shutterfly books, I am almost caught up. I have half of my Europe trip to finish, my family trip to Cancun, and to do fall semester, which seems like a lot now that I am writing it but in reality from where I was I am making progress.
-I have fallen in love with running. (I think it scares me because I always hated running)
-I get to hang out in Minneapolis with three good friends (Cathy, Heather, & Suzi) this weekend and I can't wait to not do homework all weekend

Before the end of the semester projects that I need to finish:
-Sermon for Stewardship & Preaching
(on Wednesday)
-Paper for Depression and Stress
(due whenever, but I want it turned in by Thursday, written, just needs editing)
-Annotated Bibliography for Contemporary Crisis
(due Monday, started)
-Final Paper for Contemporary Crisis
(due Monday, 90% written & needs editing)
-Romans Critical Book Review
(due Thursday, written, just needs editing)

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  1. Go you on being almost done with everything. I'm jealous.